Appealing for alms

Getting setup to potentially start receiving alms from fellow saints who perceive your needy cause is fairly comprehensive
Step 1: Appeal Submission

Kindly create a free account, during which process you get a chance to share briefly your background in the Christian faith. And then proceed to complete and submit the help appeal form - detailing out the needy situation at hand, which indeed can either be one that directly or otherwise promote the advancement of the Kingdom of the Father (through Christ) or one that is entirely philanthropic. It is recommended that you refer to the needy's notes prior to proceeding to the help appeal form page.

Step 2: Appeal Review

We then aim to candidly go through each submitted cause prior to publication. This is solely to ensure that only causes that demonstrate potential to redound to the glory of God through Christ (once given to) are fostered. Approved appeals automatically get published and hosted on the platform. We may email back to ask for more information. And as much aim to email back with reasons for every unsuccessful submission. Kindly refer to this FAQ for more info on appeals reviewing.

Giving alms

While giving may indeed be as simple as picking a help appeal and then click through to give to it, we must urge givers to proceed only as per the below.
Step 1: Heart-Searching

Because God-honorable liberality does not constitute only in the act of giving but as well in the giver's standing with him, considerate individuals are urged to be always satisfied that they are in a biblical relationship with God. Kindly refer to this FAQ for a little more information on what we mean by this.

Step 2: Picking & Giving

Once satisfied that your overall standing (with God) is consistent with that of an evangelical Christian - and thereby are acceptable with him, you may then proceed to peruse through published alms appeals to hopefully find and give to one (or more). (You may see the optional but handy giver's notes )

Featured Appeals

Blog Posts

Our periodic thoughts on subjects relating to evangelical Christian charity giving

Contact information

Below are details on our operating address, email address, phone as well as service support operating hours
B227 Matanda Zone 2, Nzhelele, 0993, South Africa
Mon-Sat: 08:00-17:00 GMT +2
Sun: 15:00-19:00 GMT +2


  • Christians looking to give do not necessarily need to be logged in or to even register for an account. However doing helps in keeping track of appeals given to as well as bookmarked ones.
  • A considerate giver may contact the alms appeal’s author directly for clarity or to find out any more information they may feel should help them best decide. To do this, click on ‘See full bio.’ on any on the appeal’s main page.
  • And alms may be given directly to the campaigner (bypassing the platform) should the giver prefer. This may make sense particularly where the giver wishes to give 100% of the total appealed for. Simply notify us once you may have thus arranged with the campaigner so we accordingly terminate and mark the published appeal as honored.
  • The platform allows alms campaigners to post updates, whenever applicable, on how circumstances around the subject under requested may have changed since publication. Once added, an Updates tab also appears next to Appeal Details tab.
  • While we are committing to ever labour to publish only evangelical-seeming appeals, it remains the saint’s sole responsibility to make final gifting decisions.
  • It as well remains the saint’s discretion to decide on how much to give to any considered request – whether little or more.
  • The platform is as well looking to depend entirely on alms given to it without levying a cent from funds given to it’s users. Considerate saints may therefore assist with running costs by giving to this particular help appeal.