How to ask for alms

Getting setup to potentially start receiving alms from fellow saints who perceive your needy cause is relatively easy
1. Form Submission

Submit your help request by completing and submitting the help request form. Detailing out your evangelical needy cause - which can either be one that directly/otherwise promote the propagation of the Gospel or one that is plain philathropic but with scriptural backing. Also do kindly remember to write a brief faith bio as this will help commend your cause.

2. Reviews & Approvals

We then aim to candidly go through each submitted cause prior to publication. This is to ensure that only causes that demonstrate potential to redound to the glory of God through Christ once given to are fostered. We may email back to ask for more information. And as much aim to email back with reasons for every disapproved submission.

How to give alms

While giving may essentially be as simple as picking a help request and then click to give to it, we must recommend that givers proceed as per the below.
1. Heart-Searching

Because true Christian charity giving is never only meant to relieve a need but to ultimately secure God's honor, givers are encouraged to be always satisfied that they themselves are right standing with God. Because For more on this, do kindly see this FAQ.

2. Picking & Giving

Once satisfied that your overall standing is consistent with that of an evangelical Christian - and thereby acceptable with God, you can then proceed to peruse through the published requests to find and give to one that you feel led to.

Useful Asking and Giving Notes

Notes for Givers

  • It as well remains the giver's discretion to decide on how much to give to any request they may considered.
  • Kindly check to see if the request has an updates tab. The platform allows help campaigners to post updates relating to the issues campaigners for if the circumstances ever changed. Which once added, an update tab appears
  • You can contact the campaigners directly to find out any more info that may help in deciding whether to give to or to forbear still. To do this, click on 'See full bio' on any request page.
  • While we commit to ever endeavor to only publish credible requests, it remains the giver's sole discretion to decide on which request to give to (if any at all).
  • The platform is as well meaning to depend entirely on alms given to it without levying a cent from funds given to it's users. Each giver therefore shall be presented with a chance during checkout to decide whether they would consider to gifting aught to the platform ministry as well.

Notes for the Needy

  • Kindly consider completing your bio details and this should help better commend your self to possible givers.
  • It's recommend that you add an relevant updates using the Update button under dashboard. This will help potential givers up to date of facts concerning the subject.
  • After a help request is submitted using the provided form, it shall remain unpublished until reviewed.
  • Individuals submitting help requests do not necessarily have to be the ones in need. However each need does have to be biblical justifiable. This is indeed not to say that only Gospel related requests are welcomed - but that requests can be philanthropic as well (for both saints and pagans in need).
  • Saints shall do well to remember that a man can receive no good thing except it be given him from above. And thus to therefore further note that the platform by no means aim to overwrite providence. But to merely be an instrument through which prayers may be answered as well as graces and mercies shown. Because lack of instrumentality/vessels has, from Scriptures, often proven to be a valid hindrance even in cases where the LORD may to will to grant.

About The Ministry

Alms is a sub-ministry of the likeChrist Ministries and seeks to present a global evangelical Christian alms giving  or crowdfunding platform  – particularly before Christian givers who wishes to ensure that their alms are God honorable as well as needy Christians who care about the cleanness of funding/relieves they receive.

We find the doctrine of alms giving taught and the act generally encouraged as virtuous through out the Holy Scriptures. Now while the concept of group collection (or crowdfunding) is commonly adopted for projects or ventures, we find it essentially fulfilled as well in the Holy Scriptures when a collection was made for poor saints in Jerusalem (Romans 15:26) among few other occurrences.

Despite that we believe this resource type can be a great means to many evangelical alms giving ends, there is evident gall of destitution on existing professed Christian crowdfunding platforms. Yes every one encountered seemed to be leaving out weightier matters – of faith, grace and holiness. Appearing more like synagogues of the ignorant  than virtuous members of the body of Christ. For more information on what the likeChrist Ministries at large is about, kindly refer here. As well as read the fuller story here.

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