After having enjoyed good (or at least fair) health for several years – and never really needed medicine except for cases of flu and common bacterial infections, it pleased the Lord to let evil befall. Ever since around March, I been to my local hospital a couple of times, have seen a couple of GPs (multiple times for some) and one online neurologist.

The original condition was suspected angina (Heart related chest pain) – however several others seemed to spring up therefrom. Some as side effects of recommended treatment, while others seemed to arise from  our heart-healthy lifestyle as well as diet attempts. All the while I am unable to avail appropriate health care for the same (short of the little GPs can offer or symptom based advise from online specialists (more info here). And was brought to despair of life not once.

And as noted a while ago, we sadly still continue without a Church (not by choice indeed) where I would go to have hands laid on me over a prayer of faith and annotating oil of the elders – or by a brethren with the gift of healing. Oh that the mercies of God would abound – either to strengthen me if he is convinced I must drink of this cup, or else to grant that I may recovery if my condition(s) came about by simple chance – having nothing to do with God will. Yeah while I would gladly embrace death, I have 3 sons  (oldest at 8) I would like to linger around a bit longer – and together with wife continue to bring them up after a godly manner.

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