Alms is a sub-ministry of the likeChrist Ministries and seeks to present a global evangelical Christian alms or crowdfunding platform  – particularly before Christian givers looking to give online while ensuring that their alms are God-honorable, as well as needy Christians who wishes to appeal for alms but are concerned about the cleanness of the funds they hope to be relieved by.

While the concept of group funding (or crowdfunding) is commonly adopted for secular causes, we find it essentially fulfilled as well in the Holy Scriptures when a collection was made for poor saints in Jerusalem (Romans 15:26).

However despite that we believe this resource type could therefore thus be a great means to many evangelical liberality (in our computer age), there is evident gall of destitution on existing crowdfunding platforms touted as Christian-based. Yes every one encountered seemed to be leaving out weightier matters – of faith, grace and holiness. Appearing more like synagogues of the ignorant  than virtuous members of the body of Christ. For more information on what the likeChrist Ministries at large is about, kindly refer here. As well as read the fuller story here.