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Kindly help towards the purchase of a worthy render computer

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An appeal for assist towards the purchase of a worthy render computer. A computer built with a worthy graphic processing unit (GPU) that should assist with swifter rendering of 3D animations for the kids video media work – to try push the supply curve for these video resources towards that of justified demand.

As of current, the smartest rendering computer rig on hand is still the eMachines EL1200 – that had a GPU upgrade to the GTX650.

While this indeed renders animation frames a lot faster than the i5 CPU based T420, it is still a not so fast a setup itself. With about 2+ minutes to render a single frame (average res and samples), an animation with a few thousands of frames gets daunting to undertake. On the other hand, the costs of using cloud based render farms should likely accumulate up a lot faster with preview renders also laden on same.
Hence I am now of mind that setting up a render rig that should drop the time-per-frame rate to a few seconds would certainly be complementary. Making it quite possibly to conclude more animation projects within short time frames. Which is greatly needed if we are to try save our little ones from allure of video media void of Godly virture. The Lord remember any hand considering to give towards this desire end.
Nzhelele, South Africa
  • 28-06-2019

    Asked amount went from $350 to $35 :)

    When not much hope existed on cloud based render farms, it turns out there exist one render service that allows a monthly subscriptions of $35 for projects complexities that proves to match ours at the moment. I mean to try them instead and perhaps look into a local rig only in the future (and provided need be).

  • 17-08-2019

    A functional and affordable render farm found

    When I first learned of them, their render service and pricing looked promising but the only supported single image rendering at the time. However they recently introduced support for multiple images – and when I went to try them (by rendering the this prayer clip), found their service both functional and affordable. At about 25 seconds per frame and whole 650 frames rendered for a little over $2 compared to the around $10 I incurred with AWS.

    While slightly buggy being a fairly new feature, I feel it is sufficient to end my render solution search – as I expect it should be sufficient for the current render needs. This meaning that I can in like manner call this help request off for the time being.

  • 07-11-2019

    Asked amount sadly went back to $350

    As noted on the post script here I lost heart when I could not receive a reply to my email inquiry. Without the desired clarity, I feared I could thus subscribe only to run into other certain of their 'working terms' that would have had me deciding otherwise had I had known.

    However, after the amount was thus set to back to $350, I came across another newly launched render farm that seemed quite worthy. I was offered trial credits and therefore have not had to pay in a cent to it yet but it proved to be low cost and I got a reply when I email regarding this one issue. The greatest concern with third-party dependency is reliability – but for the current needs, I trust they should be able to be just enough.
    This appeal therefore remains as ended until such further notice.