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Please help Alms upgrade to premium for added benefits

by likeChrist Ministries

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This Alms platform is powered by a free and limited plugin/engine. Amongst the functional limitations is the unavailability of the feature necessary to auto-forward given alms to the recipients in real time. Yes this platform was neither founded by a moneyed individual seeking to generate even more wealth nor by one with a startup capital looking for a worthy business niche – but by one who through grace seeks only to be expended in the advancement of the Kingdom of the Father and his Christ.

But despite my wish to thus build the platform to be as functional and efficient as it can be in its purpose, I happen to have no budget for the upgrade price. I certainly may indeed have this necessary sum in the future but do now communicate the expense here just in case there be one or more souls that already possess and are willing to thus assist.

Purchasing the premium version also means that we will be entitled to avail priority support from the engine’s developers – a privilege that should be of great value as often as need for customization becomes. Yes the engine could not be used out of the box but required much customization (with more anticipated) which are often not easy without priority support license from the developer. The peace of God through the Lord Jesus.

Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa
  • 28-06-2019

    Main coveted feature

    While assistance with upgrade from any enabled saint(s) would still be greatly appreciated for the availing of several other premium functionalities, the main coveted feature was withdrawn from the engine. The feature was powered by Paypal (called Paypal adaptive) who as well happened to have pronounced it as deprecated lately. Stripe seems to offer a similar service but to very limited nations. If a worthy alternative should fail to surface with optimal effort, we will sadly need to settle for manual pay-outs.

    Below are other applicable but withheld features are:Support for the

    (1.) 2Checkout gateway said to have the ability to process transactions from several payment systems. A functionality that should be invaluable to a platform that seeks to be globally accessible.

    (2.) A precluded theme made specially for the engine (by the engine authors). Which can therefore be expected to be highly complimentary in great many respects – including but not limited to user friendliness. The current theme for example is as well a free version of a paid theme (offered at $79) and as a results also comes with limited functionality such lack of support for built in translation systems. A feature covetable to platform focusing on ministering rather than RIO.

    (3.)Support for customizable email templates – which must mean a quality email notifications system.