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The likeChrist Ministries was birthed from a burdened heart back in 2016, despite that quite little was evidently accomplished. While this lean progress owed in part to under supply of resources (such as a worthy animation render rig, a budget for marketing, etc), the greater part is owing to the fact that I keep a day job that takes up much of my daily time allotment. Yes several more content of focus (such as short stories, educational resources, basic games and videos) could have been fairly afforded with the equipment acquired between the work’s inception and now.

So if you happen to have this earth’s possessions as well as perceive the gaps I seek to help fill, then do kindly consider giving towards this alms request. And help me spend less time trying to earn my bread and more time ministering to the people of God on their earthly pilgrimage.

I am also convinced that want of time resource is partly to blame for the somewhat hasty creation of even the little content I afforded. I am in very deed well aware that progress may at times be hindered because the Father is simply not into the work. However I understand that progress may in like manner also be hindered by ordinances/principles. For example, I have been without a Church for few years now and this meaning that availing Church-based support as some ministers have/do would not be an option for me. And hence have had to juggle my day job with the activities of the work. With divine intervention from the LORD being essentially the only other option.

I have looked into availing support through online Christian granters as well as Christian crowdfunding platforms without much success. Several Christian granters encountered did not prove evangelical in their assertions – either in word, deed or website makeup (such as featuring somewhat lewd or vain web images). And the few that seemed fair would either require tax exempt charity organisational status, letter of commendation from my Church or that I should be from/operating in specific states. As for the Christian Crowdfunding option, my major concerns might be best understood by considering this blog post – which should also explain why Alms project was hitherto thought needful.
Many computer science students could in very deed easily setup web infrastructures similar to those setup under the likeChrist Ministries. But only them that have been subjects of God’s extended grace, who by reason of use of strong meat have had their senses exercised to discern both good and evil, can thereon administer aught that is worthy of an evangelical Christian’s time and soul.
If it were for mere bread and comfort, I might instead labor (of cause through the enabling of God) to grow the secular business I currently keep to highest heights possible. But that is not what I am taught of the Lord. But instead that the redeemed will often be lead to serve in one form or the other towards the advancement of the Kingdom of the his Father.
Brother George Muller sought not to communicate his needs directly to man because (if I understood right), it was part (if not the core purpose) of his ministry to demonstrate to believers that God could be depended upon directly through faith. And I, by grace, already know that the Lord can thus be depended upon and have no need to thus prove the same to myself now. But instead understand that liberality is considered virtuous before the LORD. That any brother who should give a glass of water in the name of the Lord should not loose their reward.
Hence I reckon I do the Kingdom no injustice to thus explicitly make my needs known to man. The amount desired is what I make on average per month and would greatly appreciate to receive about same if at all possible. The peace of God otherwise be with every reader that loves him in sincerity.
Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa
  • 31-08-2019

    Monthy surpluses noticed

    Despite that I must have spent quite much time working on the likeChrist web infrastructures, I have seen surpluses for the month of July and August. While very much appreciated and that I must ascribe such surpluses to grace, I cannot expect to same to continue much longer (considering the nature of the business) except if the divine hand of God should be in it. Also, I still had to be active to some degree – which must mean time spent thereon. So possible assistance with the above request should be very much appreciated for the Kingdom’s sake.