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Please kindly help us lease a larger house for few months

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Please help us lease a larger house to linger around in while we wait to see what the Lord should make of the ministerial works we have by grace consecrated to.

While we (of cause provided the Lord permits) could very well afford leasing a  basic and yet decent house should I keep my day job, the undertaken ministry proves to demand much more time than I am often left with. And it unfortunately has for sometime now appeared that I cannot juggle the two and still afford leasing any property more worthier than the bachelor apartment we are currently in. And yet the heart-burdening of the ministry forbids that I should keep a blind eye and continue with secular business still. I indeed have for so long desired to be liberated entirely from my day job as ministerial efficiency proves to demand it.

With the of oldest our three sons now approaching seven, circumstances has for some time now so very much demanded for a larger house. He already had his own room back at Gogos but as noted here and here, we could not continue there but had to flee. I am already asking for a salary subsidy here but unfortunately, due to our current monthly obligations, we sadly cannot expect to afford the desired spacious lease (which is expected to cost about twice the cost of the property we currently leased) even if grace may abound over the same appeal.

The current property, being a shared complex, also does not allow for the boys to easily play outside as non of kids around appear to be subjects of godly upbringing efforts.  Yes we parents never step out without a somewhat feeling of dread as we are aware of no other professor of Christian religion – and that we must already be painted eccentric as we take great pain to avoid mingling except when necessary. And that even then we try to keep it as brief as possible.

Larger units are being constructed nearby by the landlord (who is also not very kind) but the foul hydrogen sunshade and treating chemical odors from the waste water processing plant makes the complex less desirable. We tried to run some weather strips on the door frame as well as mounting a door bottom seal without achieving much (the door turned to be slightly bent – resulting on improper mating. I have also felt that an extra room where one could retire to as often as closet-prayer need becomes would be greatly appreciated. This privilege have I enjoyed back at Gogo’s as there indeed was vacant room.

The desired sum should carter for three months lease – which should hopefully be sufficient for us to tell what the Lord purposes to make of the undertaken ministerial work. The Lord remember any considerate hand/heart as he promised. And his peace be with all – in Christ Jesus’ name.

Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa
  • 31-08-2019

    Car sales reattempted in hope to take up a house lease

    We recently came to be aware of this one house lease offered for US$165 (+ $100 once off deposit) per month – which we thought was comparatively inexpensive. We then thought we might reattempt the sales by the hand of a hired relative without much success. Yes it seems the LORD could not grant the sale still. More details on how the attempt went are on the latest update account here:

  • 19-02-2020

    The tent-making route

    As per the journal entry here, we (thankful to God) were allowed sell the KIA as well avail a small personal loan, the both of which events made it possible for us to relocation to humble and yet just right property. And at about the same time, when it because apparent that my circumstances are currently such that I cannot entirely depends on the liberality of saints while I look into the ministry on hand, reckoned it wisdom to go the tent-making route. I have for several weeks now been indeed hard at work towards establishing the Android OS maintenance trade I have for some years now kept. Minding to continue working thereon until the Lord should otherwise permit. And while thus working, I came to consider undertaking a Christian friendly Android OS edition. One that could then be distributed both as adaptable to existing devices as well as preinstalled on outsourced hardware. More on this here. For this reason, I reckon it fitting to bring this appeal to a end.

    P.S: I thought it would do justice to record these funds agaist the appeal at it is in actual fact how our need was eliviated.