Alms not  only seek to help in the raising of funds strictly for evangelical worthy causes but mean to also ensure that only evangelical Christian givers are encouraged to give. This is something that has been found missing either in part or entirely from encountered professed Christian crowdfunding currently in operation.

Alms also seeks to present a valid platform for every single saint with an evangelical needy cause regardless of their country of location. We mean to  ever exhaust all available channels to ensure that donations received are forwarded to their needy campaigners. For we are not in this just to make easy ROI (by ministering only to countries/nations evolving the least hustles) but here to minister to saints in season and out of season.

We in very deed mean to present a platform that is free from the evils cautioned against on the blog post here.

Until lately, we had purposed to operate on donations while offering the service at no direct fee on funds raised. But this was primarily because the South African law around fundraising activities did not seem to make matters easy. It for example allows only that a going rate be levied and never a percentage of raised funds. And also, fundraiser fees cannot be deducted – instead the benefactor must pay the fees once they receive the raised funds.

We have now resolved to try this same fee structure and see how it works out. As well we shall prayerfully solicit donations on the platform – to help subsidize operating and platform costs. We may waive fundraiser fees especially on partially successful appeals.

Alms campaigners should however ever anticipate incurring direct payment processing fees – which will depend entirely on the payment processing systems used for both receiving and forwarding transactions. Normally a relatively small percentage though.

The Alms platform seeks to provide no more than an ordinary platform. One that does not claim to void the need of prayer of faith. We therefore, unlike most if not all professed Christian crowdfunding platforms, employ no extreme and fallen publicizing measures such as social share buttons. I say extreme and fallen because I neither find social medias Christian friendly nor a necessities for a Christian’s well being. The foregoing are the main publicizing measures we mean to adopt in the ordinary:

  • We expect to commend ourselves to evangelical Christian givers visiting. Who shall then possibly consider giving as well as bookmark the site for their future alms-giving needs.
  • We use search engine based “Pay Per Click” marketing through carefully picked keywords to ensure (if by any means possible) that only evangelical Christian traffic is driven over.

The main aim of reviewing submitted help requests is to filter out those that will fail to demonstrate godly virtue in their nature or purpose. Either by conflicting with Christian ethics (for philthrophic causes) or by lack of biblical Christian quality (for Gospel based causes). Therefore, if you as the alms campaigner are evangelical in your Christian position, chances are you will submit justifiable or evangelical help requests worthy of approval.

However if you should prefer, then you can please email us the details of your needy situation as well as your Christian background and we should reply back advising if you can complete the request form to get it ready for publication. As as well advise if we find anything controversial.

While we do not protest to be the only ‘evangelical’ Christian alms/crowdfunding platform online, it was because we could not find one that Alms was incepted. Many professed Christian crowdfunding platforms certainly existed but non could be found worthy – but that all were materially wanting in one form or the other. Hence if you care to maximize the probability of being funded with clean money (and every true saint should care), then this we can dare promise on this platform. For Christian never want to avail relief regardless of what the reliever’s source of funds be. But must care and desire only relief not from accursed funds. Below are the professed Christian platforms we had a chance to look at (and found them seriously wanting in one way or the other). I puporse to create a blog post to detailing out major accusations of each:

  1. GiveSendGo
  2. FundThisMinistry
  3. InHisSteps
  4. TheGospelFund
  5. WonderWe
  6. FaithLaucher (now acquired by GiveSendGo)
  7. Fundedbyfaith
  8. WeRaise

Please kindly note that we felt discussing plain secular crowdfunding platforms was not worth the time. So only professed Christian platforms were applicable for the subject in question. For more information on the dangers of using plain secular as well as compromised professed Christian platforms, kindly see this blog post.

If you are an evangelical Christian, then you should never wish to give alms merely for to relieve a need but as well to be satisfied that you secure God’s honor (who demands this virtue of us). For which reason you should ever want to make certain that you bestow your funds on causes and cases worthy of God’s honor. And one of our prime concerns is to foster only compaigns or help requests that demonstrate the evangelical quality – be it a philatrophic or Gospel propagation cause.

So if you cannot be given enough reasons to believe that your alms giving should be God honoring else where, then will should certainly want to cosider giving on this very platform.


While setup in manner that anyone can give, the aim of Alms is to present a platform that let saints secure God’s honor, above relieving a need, and thereby lay in store treasures in heaven. And since alms giving is not honorable by virtue before God – but that it should be done right (as revealed in the Bible), we must contend with everyone considering to give that unless you can quite fairly identify yourself with the below, your giving shall more than likely be in vain  (not worthy of any of God’s honor – but wrath in some cases, such as when you know you do not really care about his commandments).

  • Be an evangelical Christian – simply a biblical Christian fully repented and in lively walk with God through Christ by the Holy Spirit. Zealous about holiness through the keeping of the Lord’s commandments as revealed primarily on the Bible.
  • Be satisfied that your source of funds is clean. This should naturally be the case if you are indeed evangelical in your Christian position – and as with the 139 Psalmist, does the wise self-introspection Psalm 139 : 23-24 .
  • Be willing to give – for the Lord loves a cheerful giver.
  • Be meaning to give both to relieve as well as securing God’s honor and glory, which thereby lay in store treasures in heaven.
  • Be willing to remain anonymous in your giving (except in cases where it is necessary to be identified – especially to your beneficiary).
  • Be fully persuaded of your giving decision – else we recommend you further pray about it – that glory may be to God in all that we do.

The Alms ministry seeks to present a valid platform before every single saint with an evangelical needy cause or gift – regardless of their country of location. We mean to exhaust all available channels to ensure that platform given alms are forward-able to their needy campaigners. In the ‘worst’ cases, we shall refund every cent to their respective givers.

While it is ever our wish to forward given alms to their respective campaigners in real-time where possible, we are currently limited by systems and must pool all funds together in one account as they come. Help request owners are however welcomed to email us at anytime to action a payout of any balance on their campaign or help-request account.

Funds shall be paid out to the help campaigner’s Paypal account where applicable/available. Else the campaigner can advise as to what alternative payment service should be application for their location/country. And we should then  endeavor to accordingly forward the funds through any of such service. Unfortunately, incurred forwarding fees will need to be absorbed by the transferable amount.


23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.