To start off creating an alms request, kindly register for a free account, then visit the request form page and complete it as per the below pointers:

Title: This can be something like:

“Please help me buy a winter coat for my son”

Description: This contain fuller details like:

“My husband was diagnosed with consumption some years back. While taking care of him, I sadly contracted it as well. Around the end of last year, the Lord called him yonder. Leaving me (a mother of two) thus widowed and in deteriorating health as well. Fortunately, we had all the while been members of a pious Church that took delight in helping us right from when my husband was forced to leave work. Largely indebted particularly to this one saintly couple from the said Church. Despite the couple’s earnest zeal in  helping us thus (in the name of Christian charity), the amount they afford per week ideally caters for basics as well as my medication.

And now with the cold season approaching, I am concerned about my older son who does not have a warm coat in his name. Though reluctantly, I came close to communicating this need to our above mentioned benefactors but recently came across this alms platform and thought I might turn to it instead. If by any means the graced hearts found in the couple may be in any of them that use this alms platform. May the Lord remember any helping hand as he promised.”

Category: Here you select the most relevant category of your request type. You can select Other if you feel non of the preset ones are suitable – and we should then consider creating a more suitable one should need be.

Request Goal: This is the amount needed for relieve – and would be about US$20 for the coat example.

Start Date: This is the date the request can start  receiving gift on the platform. And can either be today’s date or any applicable

End Date:  This is the date after which the need under requested should be invalidated. with our coat example, the end date could be the end of winter. While the coat can indeed be best purchased before winter, it makes sense to let the campaign/request run until the end of winter in case the Lord should delay for long-suffering (the fruits of patience) reasons.

Request End Method: This is how you wish prefer to have the campaign automatically set to ‘Ended’. Funding goal means it shall be set to ended once the total given alms reaches US$20. And End date method means it shall remain opened until the set end data in reached. We may recommend either or both for any given request type. So do not be troubled if unsure.

Country: Here you select your country from the drop down menu list. Kindly contact us in the event that your country is not on the list.

Location: This can be your city/suburb and/or province.