As with essentially all evangelical Gospel ministries, the Alms platform can use the ‘co-working together with’ of considerate men of God in any of the below ways.

  • Financial Support: We do not purpose to levy a cent from alms given towards appeals published on the platform. We instead have to hold up our own alms appeals for running costs. For which appeals’ success grace we too have to labor in prayer to secure. Hence if you find the work evangelical and worth your liberality, then you may kindly give (in the name of ministry support) specifically to this appeal.

  • Prayer Support: You can also help the work thrive (in the midst of a lurking enemy) by accordingly offering prayers of faith through Christ Jesus on its behalf.

  • Word-of-mouth Support: You can also help by communicating the work to as many evangelical Christians as you may be able to – both those in need as well as those who might consider to give.

  • Subscription Support:  While probably more of a privilege you may feel you could not afford to miss, subscribing (below) to be notified when new help appeals are published indirectly supports the ministry (for each future appeal you may give to or pray about).