I evidently need to see a cardiologist for basic cardiac tests

by Kervin Mathumbu

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Shayandima, South Africa

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I was recently diagnosed with Angina (a common indication of Coronary Artery Diseases or atherosclerosis). The diagnosis was done entirely through an investigative treatment (of nitrates and Aspirin) – which seemed to manage the chest paid I suffered. I am aware that there are a couple of cardiac test that could be performed in order to confirm as well as best determine the extent of the suspected atherosclerosis or CAD. The latter plays an important role in effective treatment dosage calculations – as well as telling if surgery could be an option.

I understand that I can have all these tests done for free (essentially) at one of my local state health care centers. However I came to learn that some of the said tests involve operations that are gender sensitive. Making it necessary (I reckon) for one to insist on consulting with health care providers of their gender in every one of such sensitive stages. Well while being able to be thus assisted should be complimentary in many ways, the main concern has been on whether God should not hold me partly accountable should any provider of the opposite gender may, while providing care and thus exposed to stimuli, fall into evil lusting.

Unfortunately, making these request types from state owned health care centers is a lot hard (or near impossible at times). Some major reasons being: (1) Heathen as well as carnal Christian professors naturally think you strange and must likely take personal offense. And because the patient does not pay their salary, it is easier for them to abuse their powers in as many such cases (especially when offended). Which abuse may include refusing you health care all together. (2) Due to indifference on the matter (particularly in Christless nations), it is expected to find that a state owned center simply does not have one’s preferred gender for the needed health care provider. This can be a lot worse for developing/under-developed nations where resources are constricted – while developed countries (including the Christless ones) may still have enough supply of both genders to allow for convenient choosing.

While not all concerns above may be avoided, going via paid/private centers proves to be a lot easier where a gender matching need exist. Yes a heathen or carnal Christian provider may still take offense at gender matching requests, however since the patient pays their salary, there is ever a good chance that assistance will be availed and that in the patient’s preferred manner. For more information on my case, kindly see the diary entries here, here and here. As well as the SermonIndex discussion thread here.

Any one who may hold a contrary view on the matter (and be willing to discuss) may kindly email me directly using the contact us form as I am indeed open to be convinced otherwise where supporting evidence exist. Yes I seek not to lean on my own counsel but ever on that of God.

Yours in Christ – Kervin Mathumbu

  • 23-06-2020

    I may have developed a heart valve leak

    From my recent readings, it seems I may have developed a heart leak condition (Mitral valve regurgitation). This is the chest area ill feeling I had previously ascribed to arrhythmia. I read that CHD are one of the common causes of this condition. I am further finding out that the diagnosis tests are essentially the same as those used to diagnose CHD. This meaning that I still need the cardiac checkup (as opposed to others) despite that the angina symptom was evidently no longer easily triggered.

    I continue to petition the Lord for divine healing – careful to leave it entire to him to decide how he may grant recovery. Because it truly does not matter how recovery may be availed – but only that it is availed. I therefore leave this appeal open to saints who may be able thus assist with the cardiac tests (or of cause pray with me for divine recovery). Peace, grace and mercy to them that love him in truth – Amen.

  • 23-09-2020

    Now it appears more like a heart failure case

    Yes the uncertainty prevails still. And all the while I suffer various symptoms at sundry times. Some of which gets so serious that they seem to threaten life. I must note however that I stand somewhat confused at the moment. Well it appears that gender mismatch for health providers owes much on lack of discretion on their part (both the providers as well as the institutions). But all this is not clear enough to allow me to decide to the left or the right. I therefore would like to encourage enabled and considerate brethren to go ahead and give toward my appeal. And my promise shall be to refund every cent should it turn out that there matter is contrary to how I had originally understood it to be and therefore be able to avail health care through state hospital.

  • 08-05-2021

    Finally diagnosed with GAD which seems accurate

    Sometime towards the ending of last year, I went you see yet another GP who diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. When comparing the symptoms, this proves to be an accurate diagnosis I must admit. Unfortunately, this condition has turned out have cardiac (heart related) effects amongst other physical symptoms – since it tend to tense muscles at times (which is said to to include arterial muscles and perhaps the heart muscle itself). Which should explain why I have been moved to suspect a heart related case all along. During which cardiac symptoms I am often brought to wonder if I might not have a heart issue. Either than all these, the GAD condition appears to be treatable though it can take months. I shall therefore leave to appeal set to ended.