Kindly help me try and introduce Christ to a poor and sickly couple

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Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa

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Please help me ‘try’ and introduce Christ to a poor and sickly (HIV+) couple – while helping with their daily supplies in the name of Christian liberality. Non is working of the two and are forced to depend largely on a $30 social grant meant for their son amongst few other family subsidies. The brother is on a far serious stage and could be called yonder soon (he’s been to hospital for drips due to excessive loss of body water). I do not stay closer to this couple nor do I feel I could try and communicate the Gospel to them if I were. But I do feel like communicating to their daily needs through financial help would not only fulfill Christian charity (to the poor) but could also present a valid platform for me to both buy and effectively recommend they read a Bible. Which Gospel consumption could potentially be blessed of the Lord by granting conviction.

I do already pray for awakening particularly for the brother (with his somewhat urgent case) but feel I should exhaust means as well where I can help it. We have been giving to the same couple (in the name of Christian charity) in the past – but I have of late desired to and committed to giving them R200 (about $14) as often as I should afford without their soliciting for help – possibly multiple times in a month I expected. But my income is often constricted and do not properly always allow for this. Hence my request for help here – that if there be a brother or sister in the Lord with financial ability, and reckon giving to this cause should abound to Lord’s glory, that they might please assist accordingly.

P.S As noted on this page, this appeal eventually ended. But when I (Kervin Mathumbu) felt need was again, went on to created yet another appeal on their behalf. You may find it here:

  • 17-08-2019

    A door for a Gospel talk granted

    We have been able to give to this couple twice (around $14 first and about $7 second) since the publication date of this help request. Some days following the $14, the brother called me expressing his wish to start a mini community market (in hope for startup funds). Initially I spoke hopeful to him and only contented that we could not be of any further assistance should he bring in Christian controversial stock like cigarettes. To which he in return contented that would not stock. However we later concluded it not wise to assist with business as there could not be guarantee of success. Just before our second gift, we received a phone call from the sister who wondered if we could assist with phone call credits (she is with Vodacom and needed MTN credits) as they wished to restore this one cable TV connection – at which time we also learned that they needed to pay about $2 for the same which they seemed to have spared. We of cause advised that we could not assist with TV related operations but for some time stood overwhelmed that they could spare a cent from their constricted disposal income for entertainment. But I later reckoned it was possible to thus do as penury never quenches entertainment appetites. But just to be safe, I reckoned we should only give them half of the normal sum – so to hopefully leave them with nothing to spare for lewd needs. Of cause we generally agree with wife that sending food should ever be better than money.

    Well, a few minutes after the $7 was sent, the brother contacted to communicate his gratitude. He advised that he was quite sickly that day and desired that I should remember him in prayer. And further added that he felt much sickly and was fasting until around that hour (11:00AM of the 15th). His explanation for the fast was that he wished to speak to God with his spirit freed. While his approach did not sound evangelical and that I had indeed never knew him to have converted nor did we ever decidedly speak religion thus, I felt it was a granted doorway to share with him how I had for sometime hoped to buy and send them a Bible in response to my concern for his soul essentially. Nothing was spoken in depth but they now await my Bible gift I understand.  And that it should from that conversation onward be easier for me to speak religion with him.

    only wonder if the LORD may have been pleased to make an impression to the brother from the above two related cases where we had to them express our spiritual position as well as our act of Christian Charity towards them. Dear God have mercy in Christ Jesus.

  • 27-08-2019

    The Bible gets purchased

    The brother contacted once again on the 23/08 – communicating yet another business wish (of selling mango condiment or Archar). Further adding that if he would thus attempt to trade, that he would hopefully trouble us less. Again I at the time thought the whole was a lot different from his previous wish and as a result spoke quite hopeful to him again. Advising that I was expecting a certain payment (and I did indeed) and that once it should come through – that I would thus forward the desired sum (of R150 or around US$10).

    Though the anticipated payment came through some hours later, I could not thus forward the funds on the spot as hoped. As I again felt business was business and that perhaps Christians could best assist fellow Christian therewith – and not needy non-believers. That assisting with immediate needs was the best a poor man could be assisted in the name of Christian liberality.

    The following day I messaged him, advising that while I meant to forward a total of R200 (abou $14), that I wished he would instead buy the Bible we had spoken about and then use any change to subside immediate needs.

    Assuring him instead that we are giving to them in the name of Christian charity and that they should not think us to be troubled or fear that we should at anytime cease to help though we be enabled. Because I sadly cannot trust him yet, I ask specifically that he would please share pictures of the receipt or the actual Bible  once purchased. And latter the same day, I was greatly consoled to receive this photo (a total of three in fact came):

    My prayer now is that he would accordingly find time to read as well as be granted consideration thereof. Dear LORD have mercy through Christ Jesus.

  • 31-08-2019

    Disability grant hope

    The brother contacted two days back. Communicating that they had just gotten back from a disability state grant application errand and that they were given an referral letter which needed to be submitted to the grant office in another city – where the final disability examination would be carried and the grant provisioned for. And that they would need about $10 for a taxi fare.
    Which had me wondering if I should still have the desired foot hold should their needy situation thus come to an end. Concerned that the brother may default back his ignorance of religion. It was only later the same day that he contacted regarding Scriptures – desiring that I should look at first chapter Lamentations.
    Which I felt ushered a door for me to start discussing scriptures. And accordingly advised that he should look at the three Gospel books as well – in hope to be introduced to the doctrine of salvation. Promising to forward him hand picked New Testament verses on the same subject whenever I should be enabled.
    At around which time it crossed my mind that a good part of what was desired was done – the Bible purchase that is. That what then remained was securing grace for him to read it with given understanding. For which’s success I needed no direct corporation from him. And that while they accordingly went to submit the above said letter, that the first payout should likely be made only in a month or two’s time. During which time I could hopefully draw his attention to sin, the cross and repentance. I therefore must need keep this request active but can now lower the amount from $300 to $45 which should be enough for one month. Dear LORD have mercy over all – In Christ Jesus’ name.

  • 09-09-2019

    Grant still in process - salvation pointer message

    After making the said visit, the brother was apparently handed yet another letter that needed a signature from his local clinic. And while he tried to accordingly obtain the signature a few days later, he could not be successful. He was advised that the letter could only be signed by a doctor – who apparently is not always available at the clinic. One was however booked for him but only for the 19th. While this must sadly mean an even longer wait for the possible first payout on his part, I felt it seemed to help keep my benefactor influence valid on his person for about as long. And while it indeed took me some days, I was finally encouraged to forward him a breakdown of what I understood to be the pathway of salvation. Where I essentially pointed out in order: the need to acknowledge all past sins, to then seek forgiveness for the same through Christ – cleansing from them through his blood (as he is confessed as the Lord and Savior), and to contend that no forgiveness or cleansing could be possible unless there could be determination to repent (and lead a repented life from hence forth), Listing him some of the sinful acts of the flesh as well as directing him to the Bible for further study on even more conducts considered sinful of God. And lastly contending further that it was never my place (or in fact anyone’s) to tell if he is saved, but that the Holy Spirit should of himself thus bear witness in his heart once he should have fulfilled all requirements of salvation. The main aim of the whole being to ensure that he knows exactly what is expected of him – and that until he thus fulfill the requirements, that he’d know he has no rights thinking himself to have fled the wrath to come. Dear God have mercy 🙁

  • 11-09-2019

    A food parcels referral letter

    On Saturday the 8th, the brother contacted me reporting that he received a phone call from the Department of Social Development the day before (on the 7th) – advising him to visit one of their offices the following Monday (the 9th). Apparently, the brother and wife had at some point in time of their needy state consulted with them.
    Upon thus visiting his local office, he was there handed yet another referral latter to the Social Security Agency – mandating that they should be assisted with food parcels. The following day (Tuesday the 10th) he accordingly took the letter to the SSA office and later reported to have the same processed and that he was advised to return the following day for to receive a shopping voucher to the value of R1500 (a little over US$100). As I journal this update, he is due to make the voucher collection trip – which should accordingly be redeemed for basic necessities.
    Because this is expected to be recurring, I feel this alms request is therefor invalidated. The cash grant have yet to be concluded upon but then again I expect these shopping vouchers should continue to be received for as long as it tarries. I aim however to continue to update here concerning any progress regarding his/their possible Salvation – which was the second half of this request’s aim. The LORD have mercy through Christ!

  • 19-10-2019

    Doctor meeting rescheduled

    When the brother finally made his visit to have the document signed, he was advised that it could not be done. The doctor advised that the document at hand needed a hospital doctor rather than one from a clinic level. And one was accordingly booked for the 24 October date – which he had been waiting for since.
    He has yet to received his last food voucher at around the 10th of next month and therefore I shall keep this appeal as ended. Though we have indeed had to continue assisting financially since the last update (I wish not to dwell much on the details thereof). Some weeks following this ‘Tsonga audio Bible recording’ journal entry: (, I received a sample Tsonga audio bible player from the Bible Society.
    Which I hardly used because I already used the English Scourby – and even wished I new someone I could give it to but could not immediately think of any except my mother who was miles away. When a desire to buy this Tsonga brother a Bible came up, I already had the player but had at the time reasons to believe that it may have somehow shorted out (failed).
    However, I recently found out that it still worked and I was again reminded of the brother. I wished hard to find means to send it to him as well – so that he could have the Word read to him whenever reading should not be convenient (expected to be common for a man as sickly as he seems). And we eventually got to send it over to him.
    Despite all these which, the brother has not showed any tangible signs of having being awakened and therefore there is not much to report thereon. Yes waiting in prayer aught to continue.

  • 02-11-2019

    Recording offline gifting

    Despite that I felt the appeal had to remain as ended in September, we indeed (as noted on the previous update) have had to assist the said couple financially at sundry times. Taking particular notice on how we have given over $45 to them for month of October alone. And while I know very well that we aught to keep these charity efforts secrete, I felt it made sense to record the said offline gifts for both the completeness of the public appeal as well as for the use of the platform which had yet to receive a recorded gift for its hosted appeals – to try and help commend it further to saints’ use.

    Otherwise the said letter was accordingly signed (24/10) and submitted (30/10) – and a report on the final decision from the social security agency is expected on the 26th this month. As noted on the recent update, they are to collect the last food voucher on the 10th which should be able to quite fairly see them through until the decision date – only after which date further plots can be best made.

  • 19-02-2020

    Grant disapproved once again

    When the results days came around, the brother was reported unsuccessful yet again. It is alleged that his application was once again not accompanied by all necessary medical records. Especially treatment collection. Hi arguments is that the the clinic he collects treatment from is the one that will not corporate or something along that line. He was as well accordingly cut off from the food voucher program. He reported to have gone to reapply for yet another three months of the voucher but was advised to await their call as the program works based on groups – and that they had at the time enrolled another. We have resolved to continue assisting them in the name of Christian charity as often as we shall be enabled of the Lord. We have so far compelled them to get rid of their old P4 computer and TV. As we judged it not wise to assist them with necessities while they might be taking from their petty monthly income to buy electricity to power these and watch programs that are not all God honoring. Of cause more concerned about being found guilty of lending a helping hand in the same abormination than to seek their holiness as we sadly still do not have evidence that any of them has been the subject of saving grace sadly. I have as well resolved to go the tent making route as well as this reckon that we should be able to continue to assist them without much issues. For which reason the appeal shall remain as ended.