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Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa

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Many evangelical Christians eventually come to loath public or secular television for personal holiness’ sake – and many who are parents denounce it as potentially harmful for their children as well. Unfortunately, many children video media touted as Christian-based are as well materially compromised   (vile, heretic or vain) and thereby equally harmful. The popular likes of SuperBook and VeggieTales (guilty of being vastly diluted with vain and evil appetites of a fallen man, amongst other barrenness) – the same which is the case with several others on internet sharing or streaming services such as YouTube, PureFlix, GodTube, Netflix, etc.

Yes we do reckon it the potion of Christian pilgrims to take advantage of this art-type. And in fact the ministry sought to help bridge this gap at the very first. And the commitment continues to date? However, due to under supply of resource, only feebly created animations (that were largely work in progress) are published.

We therefore hereby invite financially enabled saints to consider giving toward this help appeal in the name of ministry support (which we understand is encouraged as virtuous in the Holy Scriptures). And we, with any receivable funds, should finance the creation of evangelical Christian wholesome kids animation literature. Video literature that should give necessary priority to (sound) doctrine – which should be observable through character design and conduct on the animations.

The long-term hope otherwise being that: once the work should thus gain a fair passage to many targeted hearts, that it should then be able to self-sustain. A monetization model we may adopt is to let enabled parents purchase the literature while those that cannot afford should still be granted free access. May, the LORD remember any hand that gives from a heart that loves him in truth – in Christ Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • 10-11-2019

    Added a preview render of a short animation WIP

    The features video is a preview render of the animation project accounted here: Once final version should be rendered, I expect to publish here as well as replace this said preview version therewith. The render was done at 1920×1080 (only 30% though) on AWS’ EC2 machines. Yes an evident success for both results and cost (about $1.5) following the failure here:

    I felt it was necessary to do a full preview first – to allow a proper edit attempts for the final render. I may add mouth sync prior to doing the final render and this certainly appear to can be very complementary – especially for little Betty (as his dad’s mouth is mustache covered).