Thank you for taking interest in the Alms ministry. Kindly read on for quick facts – or click here to be taken to our homepage.
  • Alms is a sub-ministry of the likeChrist Ministries (NPC). The project is currently being communicated to needy as well as financially enabled Christians out there. With efforts being made to try and confine the marketing efforts to conservative Christians.
  • As of now, only appeals posted by the NPC’s directors may be seen on the listing page. However we are officially open and ready to receive,  approve and host many other appeals from all over the globe.
  • To Christians who are neither able to give nor have need for alms, please consider communicating the service to any saintly individual you may know to be in need or those you know to be financially enabled (who may consider online giving in the name of Christian charity).
  • You may subscribe at the bottom of this page should you wish to be notified of newly published help appeals (in case you are unable to give at present but believe you may be able to give in the future).
  • likeChrist Ministries is a protestant (non-Catholic) ministry registered as a Non Profit Company – Reg# K2020454453 CIPC South Africa.
  • For more information on why the Alms ministry was undertaken, kindly refer to our About this ministry.

The below are some sample or featured help appeals