The Alms platform seeks to provide no more than an ordinary platform. One that does not claim to void the need of prayer of faith. We therefore, unlike most if not all professed Christian crowdfunding platforms, employ no extreme and fallen publicizing measures such as social share buttons. I say extreme and fallen because I neither find social medias Christian friendly nor a necessities for a Christian’s well being. The foregoing are the main publicizing measures we mean to adopt in the ordinary:

  • We expect to commend ourselves to evangelical Christian givers visiting. Who shall then possibly consider giving as well as bookmark the site for their future alms-giving needs.
  • We use search engine based “Pay Per Click” marketing through carefully picked keywords to ensure (if by any means possible) that only evangelical Christian traffic is driven over.

likeChrist Ministries

likeChrist Ministries is an protestant and conservative ministry registered as a non profit company. The ministry seeks to help add truer value to Christians’ earthly pilgrimage - through the creation (or fostering the creation thereof) of the Christian-friendly quality. The ministry is looking to achieve this by creating, empowering or encouraging the creation of Christian friendly services and goods. These are value adding services and goods that believers have (in favor of holiness) had to use with great exercise of caution or utterly turned away from, due to the level compromise in their composition or procurement